Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can I submit photos for both categories? What's the difference between Open and Student category?

Yes you can! In fact, we recommend that you try both categories if you are eligible. Please take note that you are required to use unique photos for each category. You are not allow to reuse the same photo for both categories. The open category is open to all living in Singapore, while the student category is only open to students living in Singapore below the age of 25 years old, and it is another avenue for youths in Singapore to showcase their work.

2. I did not receive a confirmation email, does that mean my submission was unsuccessful?

If you did not receive a green 'Success' pop-up and a confirmation email, that means your submission was not successful. This may be due to the following:

• Our submission system allows for a total maximum file size of 8mb for all 3 photos combined. If you wish to submit images with a total file size larger than 8mb, either submit the form separately for each photo or email your full details, photos and captions to

• You did not fill in all required fields in the submission form

Still unsuccessful? E-mail your full details (follow the form), photos and captions to

3. Can I submit more than 3 photos per category?

No, if more than 3 photos are submitted in a category, only the first 3 photos will be judged.

4. What if I want to edit my submission?

Unfortunately, all submissions are final and no changes will be allowed. Please make sure that your images and captions are uploaded correctly during the submission.

5. What does Timeless mean?

There are many different ways to interpret what Timeless means. We are open to all interpretations of the theme, and look forward to seeing your creative expression of the theme through your photos! For a start, do an online search for Timeless to get some inspiration.

6. Why should I join the Montage Photo Competition?

The top winners stand to win up to $2000 worth of attractive prizes, such as Canon cameras (eg Canon M6) and Manfrotto Accessories. This competition is also a great chance to collaborate with friends and improve your photography together!

7. What if my work is not good enough for the competition?

After speaking with professional photographers at the workshops, a key takeaway we learnt is this - the best way to improve is to share your work and learn from others. Take a step outside your comfort zone and try joining the competition! You collaborate and gather feedback from your friends to keep improving your work.