Montage Photo Competition

Time waits for no man and its laws are absolute. Yet there are moments in life that defy the mechanics of time. Memories so crisp and sharp, emotions that withstand the test of time, fashion and high culture which stay in trend - the interpretations are limitless.

The theme for this year’s photo competition is ‘Timeless’. We are open to all interpretations of what 'Timeless' means to you, there is no right or wrong way to interpret the theme.

Stand to win up to $2000 worth of prizes, including Canon cameras (eg Canon M6) and Manfrotto accessories! This is a great chance for you to test and improve your skills, as your submitted photos will be assessed by a panel of experienced judges.

There are 3 competition categories – Open, Student and People’s Choice. Submissions are now closed.

For details on the competition rules,  click here

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), click here.

Congratulations to all Prize Winners & Shortlisted Entries!

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About Montage

Montage is a nation-wide photo festival that aims to celebrate and promote photography among youths. Organised by the Photographic Society of NUS (NUSPS), it aims to celebrate and promote photography among youths.

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Founded in 1969, The Photographic Society of the National University of Singapore is one of the earliest groups formed. Today, NUSPS boasts of more than 700 members. The Society is actively involved in bringing photographic techniques and knowledge to members through courses, photography outings and competitions.